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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know here you will find it, in case you do not find your doubt, contact us and we will gladly detail it.

How to request a refund?

Please see Terms and Conditions in / shop / offers

How long should I wait to confirm my reservation request?

You will receive an automatic email after requesting a quote, and then a confirmation email in approximately 2-3 business days maximum

What kind of room will I receive?

This will be assigned depending on the package you purchased.   Once you have purchased the offer, you will receive an email with details about your package. Please note that a package only covers a room or a villa whether it is a regular room for up to 4 people or a two-room apartment-style resort for up to 7 people.

Can I use more than one promotion to extend my stay?

We do not allow purchases of consecutive promotions to extend your stay in any package. To extend your stay or update your package you can pay an additional cost depending on the chosen offer.

Can we buy several offers for the same dates and location?

Buyers can purchase several offers only for friends, acquaintances and relatives, although they could not use them simultaneously in the same hotel on the same date and must comply with the requirements of each offer. If a person joins your group, you can make a change to the package purchased for larger rooms with additional costs. For this change does not qualify the combination of more than one offer; If you purchased two packages, you can not use them combined to have a larger or more capacity room.

Do I get in touch with the hotel to book?

No. To validate your offer and take advantage of these special rates, all reservations must be requested in writing by email: customerservice@joyorlando.com or by phone 407-8185311

How do I request the dates?

By writing to the email: customerservice@joyorlando.com or by phone at 407-8185311.

Is there a restriction on dates?

There are no blocked dates, but the main holidays are subject to availability and seasonal surcharges some of them among other dates would be: Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick, Halloween Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas through the New Year.

Can we use weekends?

Yes, you can send your request for weekend dates.

Can we choose the hotel?

No, several hotels participate in these offers and will be assigned according to availability based on the established offers, however, all hotels will be of the same category and are strategically located for your convenience in relation to the parks and shopping centers. You will not be able to choose or change the hotel of the offer.

If I buy the package now, can I use it immediately?

Usually if you want to use your offer immediately, the same day of your purchase you should ask an agent the availability to guarantee your reservation.

Can I add nights of my vacation?

You can add nights to your stay depending on the chosen offer, for this you must ask the agent the prices for additional nights, which may vary.

Are my plane tickets included in this promotion?

No, our offers do not include airplane tickets.

What requirements do I need to take these offers?

Each offer has different terms and conditions therefore the requirements vary according to the offer. We offer regular packages which usually do not have special conditions. Offers in discounts and super offers for the presentations of the vacation club, these will have requirements to meet to qualify for them. You must read the Terms and Conditions in the offers before buying or you can request information by email: customerservice@joyorlando.com or (407)818-5311

Are my taxes included?

None of the offers include taxes. The taxes always pay directly with the hotel or resort and the costs vary according to the type of accommodation, dates, seasons and destination

For more information, please call our customer service toll free (407)818-5311 or by email customerservice@joyorlando.com
  ⚫  Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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